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Trash Receptacle Parts & Accessories

Parts and Accessories for Trash Receptacles

 Lids, Liners and Anchors- Oh My! Our trash receptacles come in various shapes and sizes so it’s only appropriate that our accessories do the same.

Choose from flat tops, dome tops (galvanized or painted), funnel tops and weather urn tops.

Depending on the trash receptacles you have or will have, the liners may be different. Just like our receptacles, choose from round or square-8, 20, 22, 36, 45 or 55 gallon liners.

The optional anchor kits allow you to bolt down your trash receptacles, reducing theft.

 Not sure about your options, call and let your friendly sales staff help you tie up the loose ends when it comes to trash receptacles and the appropriate accessories.
Classic, Perforated, Vintage and Avenue
Trash Receptacle Lids, Liners, and Mounts
- Accessories -
Rigid Plastic Dome Top for Plastic Coated Trash Receptacle-

Dome Top

Starting at $94.95
Flat Top with 8 Inch Hole Opening for 32 gallon Thermoplastic Coated Trash Receptacle-

Flat Top

Starting at $88.95
Plastic Dome top for 55 gallon trash receptacles

Hood Top - 55 Gallon Receptacles

Starting at $140.95
Mount Assembly Kit for Plastisol Coated Ash Urns	-

Optional Mounting Assemblies

Starting at $44.95
Rigid Plastic Liner-

Rigid Plastic Liners

Starting at $24.95
Champion Trash Receptacle
- Accessories -
32 Gallon Receptacle Liner-Accessories

32 gallon Plastic Liner - Included with New Receptacle Purchase

Starting at $44.95
Round Flat Lid for Round or Square Receptacle-Accessories

Flat Lid - Included with New Receptacle Purchase

Starting at $84.95
Receptacle In-ground Mount Kit-Accessories

Inground Mount Kit

Starting at $35.95
Polydome Lid for Round or Square Receptacle-Accessories

PolyDome Lid - Included with New Receptacle Purchase

Starting at $148.95
Lid Cable for Receptacle-Accessories

Receptacle Lid Cable

Starting at $14.95
Liner for Concrete Trash Containers
Round Liner for Concrete Trash Containers-Accessories

Round Rigid Plastic Liners

Starting at $42.95
Liner for Square Concrete Trash Containers-Accessories

Square Rigid Plastic Liners

Starting at $42.95
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