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Concrete Round Top Pedestal Table with Unattached Seats

Rugged Steel Reinforced Construction, Round Top with 2 Unattached Curved Bench Seats Come with Smooth Concrete Finish, Round or Fluted Square Pedestals, Pedestals Come in Dura Brite, Etched, Light Sandblast, or Perma Stone Finish, Pedestals Require Anchoring

Concrete Round Top Pedestal Table with Unattached Seats
Model 16TA-5030
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Pedestal Shape (req) Fluted Square Pedestals

Pedestal Finish (req) Dura Brite Charcoal

Top and Seat Finish (req) Smooth Charcoal

Item Weight: 2150 lbs.
Item Price: $1,540.95
Order Quantity (items):
Item Weight: 2150 lbs.

Limited Warranty: Manufacturer provides a two (2) year limited warranty on all precast concrete products against manufacturing defects. Plastic, metal, and wood products are warranted for one (1) year from date of purchase. This warranty DOES NOT cover: Vandalism, Theft, Abuse and Misuse.

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