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Four Point Shade Sail

Four Point Shade Sail Four Point Shade Sail

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Powder Coated Frame, Architectural Shade Fabric, Inground

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edit Dimensions / Height 15' x 15' @ 8'-11'
edit Fabric Color Aquatic Blue
edit Powder Coat Color Beige


  • Powder Coated Frame
  • Architectural Shade Fabric
  • Inground


Manufacturer warrants that all Commercial Shade Products (Product) sold shall be free of defects in materials or workmanship. The Warranty set forth shall be the purchaser’s sole and exclusive Warranty and is effective from the date of Product shipment or pickup. Manufacturer further warrants:

LIMITED 20 YEAR NON-PRORATED WARRANTY against failure due to rust-through corrosion on all Commercial steel frames with the exception of powder coated steel frames installed within 5 miles of the coast which has a 10 YEAR NON-PRORATED WARRANTY against failure due to rust-through corrosion. Failure to provide routine maintenance as stated in the below Required Maintenance and Care will void the Warranty.

LIMITED 10 YEAR NON-PRORATED WARRANTY on all HDPE Commercial shade fabric and Teflon stitching against cracks, tears, material breakdown or significant fading as a direct result of ultra-violet exposure with the exception of Red, which carries a 3 year limited warranty. Manufacturer reserves the right, in cases where certain fabric colors have been discontinued, to offer the customer a choice of available colors to replace the warranted fabric of the discontinued color.  

Note: All HDPE Commercial shade fabric and Teflon stitching over 40’ in length carry a limited 5 year non-prorated warranty. Other non-HDPE fabrics are covered by their respective manufacturer’s warranty.

LIMITED 1 YEAR WARRANTY on all moving parts, surface coat finish or any other product or part not covered by one of the above warranties.

All of the above Warranties exclude any cosmetic issues. Manufacturer reserves the right to repair or replace any item covered by this Warranty. Manufacturer shall deliver all repaired or replacement part or parts to the customer FREE OF CHARGE. Manufacturer shall not be responsible for providing labor or the cost of labor for the removal of the defective part or parts and the installation of any replacement part or parts. All Repaired or Replacement parts shall be warranted for remainder of original warranty. The Warranty shall be void if the Product is not paid for in full within 30 days. Manufacturer specifically denies the implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose and merchantability. The Warranty is void if the Product is not installed in strict compliance with the Manufacturer specifications. Purchaser shall notify Manufacturer in writing within thirty (30) days following the discovery of the alleged defect, detailing any defects for which a Warranty claim is being made; otherwise the Warranty shall be void. The Warranty shall be void if damage to the Product or any of its components is caused by misuse; harmful chemicals; excessive loads, pressures or forces such as abnormal weather conditions outside or in excess of the design specifications; acts of God; falling objects other than hail; explosions; fire; riots; civil commotion; vandalism; external forces; acts of war; radiation; harmful fumes or foreign substances in the atmosphere; floods; abuse by machinery, equipment or any persons; immersion in salt or chlorine water; not performing maintenance as described in the below Required Maintenance and Care; causes not within MODERN SHADE’S control; or if modifications are made to the Product without prior written consent from Manufacturer including but not limited to attaching signs, banners, lights or decorations. All Commercial shade products are designed for 90 MPH wind speed (three second gusts) and 5 PSF snow load, unless otherwise stated. Fabric Tops must be removed if weather conditions are expected to exceed these design limits. Commercial steel frames without a membrane top are designed for 150 MPH wind speed (three second gusts). Light fixtures are limited solely to the manufacturer’s warranty.


Liability Limitation:

Manufacturer shall not, in any event, be liable in contract or in tort (including negligence) for loss of profits or revenue, loss of use of equipment or facilities, cost of capital, or for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages of any nature resulting from or in any manner relating to the product covered hereby, it's design, use, any inability to use the same or any delay in delivery of the same. Furthermore, it is understood and agreed that the sole and exclusive remedy with respect to defective product shall be the repair, correction or replacement thereof pursuant to the foregoing provisions. Should the product or any part of it prove so defective, however as to preclude the remedying of warranted defects by repair or replacement, the customer’s sole and exclusive remedy shall be the refund of the purchase price of the product, or part thereof which is defective, upon its return to Manufacturer. Furthermore, Manufacturer is not liable for damage to property caused by rain or hail. Corrections of non-conformities and defects in the manner and for the period of time provided above shall constitute fulfillment of all liabilities of Manufacturer to the customer, whether based on contract, negligence or otherwise with respect to or arising out of such product. No warranties or representation at any time made by any sales representative, dealer, agent or any person shall be effective to vary or expand the above express warranty or any other term hereof.

Required Maintenance and Care

Failure to provide the following routine maintenance shall void the Warranty.

Maintenance of Fabric Tops:

Fabric tops should be checked annually to ensure proper cable tension is maintained throughout the Warranty period. To remove dirt or bird droppings from fabric tops, simply spray the underside with water. For stubborn dirt, mild dish soap may be applied and rinsed.

Maintenance of Steel Frame:

Owner is responsible for routine maintenance to preserve the finish and welded joints. If surface rust or corrosion appears (regardless of cause), owner shall remove with sandpaper or wire brush, prime and repaint. Ensure all connecting hardware is properly secured. Ensure all bolted connections and slip fit joints are caulked as needed. Failure to provide routine maintenance will void the Warranty.