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Playground Components

Commercial Playground Components

Kids always like to climb, slide, swing, rock and spin. These playground components offer fun and healthy physical activity.

Commercial Sings

Swings keep children physically active while having a great time. The turn-taking, cooperation, sharing and problem solving that happen naturally at the swing set are important lifelong skills. And so are the lessons in friendship learned while friends (literally) hang out together at the swings.

ParknPool offers traditional tripod-style swings and modern arch swings in heavy duty and standard grades, 8' and 10' heights, and with any number of bays or half-bays. We also offer commercial tire swings, for something a little different in your playground.

Independent Climbers

Kids love the challenge and thrill of climbing all over and our playground climbers allow children to climb up, down and all around and even over or under.

Our climbers provide challenging and fun opportunities for children to learn new skills while having a blast. We have playground climber for children of all ages and abilities.

Motion Toys

Children love the exciting variety that moving elements bring to the playground. Add a spring toy, seesaw, teeter-totter or rocker to your play structure, or create a unique play space filled entirely with freestanding and traditional play events.

For thematic playgrounds, there's no easier way to add character. Our selection of spring toys and spring riders includes dinosaurs, ships and sea creatures, animals from around the globe, and vehicles, including race cars, motorcycles, planes, trains, SUVs and fire trucks. Call one of our friendly account managers for more information.

Independent Slides

Our commercial slides have been redesigned to provide a modern look to the traditional freestanding slides that are forever popular with children. Choose from many different styles and heights, plastic and stainless slides as well.

Independent Slides are always great additions to any playspace or playground area. If you have a limited budget our independent commercial slides are always a welcomed addition for children to enjoy and play on.

Independent Spinners

Our Spinning Play Events are super popular among kids. They are also a great way for children to burn calories and have a ton of fun doing it. These freestanding spinning playground events make perfect additions to any playground or playspace.

Our ultra durable tapered bearing will make sure your spinners will last and kids will have years of fun and excitement.

Standard 8ft Swing

Standard 8' Swing

Starting at $1,133.95
Standard 8ft Swing Extend-A-Bay

Standard 8' Swing Extend-A-Bay

Starting at $630.95
Standard 8ft Swing Extend-A-Half-Bay

Standard 8' Swing Extend-A-Half-Bay

Starting at $550.95

Heavy Duty 8ft Swing

Heavy Duty 8' Swing

Starting at $1,215.95
Heavy Duty 8ft Swing Extend-A-Bay

Heavy Duty 8' Swing Extend-A-Bay

Starting at $709.95
Heavy Duty 8ft Swing Extend-A-Half-Bay

Heavy Duty 8' Swing Extend-A-Half-Bay

Starting at $594.95

Heavy Duty 10ft Swing

Heavy Duty 10' Swing

Starting at $1,374.95
Heavy Duty 10ft Swing Extend-A-Bay

Heavy Duty 10' Swing Extend-A-Bay

Starting at $771.95
Heavy Duty 10ft Swing Extend-A-Half-Bay

Heavy Duty 10' Swing Extend-A-Half-Bay

Starting at $594.95

8ft Arch Swing

8' Arch Swing

Starting at $2,039.95
8ft Arch Swing Extend-A-Bay

8' Arch Swing Extend-A-Bay

Starting at $1,245.95
8ft Arch Swing Extend-A-Half-Bay

8' Arch Swing Extend-A-Half-Bay

Starting at $1,164.95

1 Bay Multi-user Swing

1 Bay Multi-user Swing

Starting at $8,227.95
2 Bay Multi-user Swing

2 Bay Multi-user Swing

Starting at $14,639.95
3 Bay Multi-user Swing

3 Bay Multi-user Swing

Starting at $21,053.95

Space Station Climber

Space Station Climber

Starting at $3,511.95
3 Way Lava Rock Climber

3 Way Lava Rock Climber

Starting at $5,108.95
Cubist Climber 3

Cubist Climber 3

Starting at $2,645.95
Wally the Whale Motion Toy

Wally The Whale Motion Toy

Starting at $642.95
Lucky Clover Motion Toy

Lucky Clover Motion Toy

Starting at $1,148.95
Racecar Motion Toy

Racecar Motion Toy

Starting at $830.95
Four Seater Spring See-Saw

Four Seater Spring See-Saw

Starting at $2,968.95
Surfboard Rider

Surfboard Rider

Starting at $1,511.95

5ft Twister Slide

Freestanding 5' Twister Slide

Starting at $4,514.95
6ft Wave Slide

Freestanding 6' Wave Slide

Starting at $3,800.95
6ft Veer Left Starglide Slide

Freestanding 6' Veer Right Starglide Slide

Starting at $5,542.95
7ft Left Turn Starglide Slide

Freestanding 7' Left Turn Starglide Slide

Starting at $5,704.95
8ft Right Snake Starglide Slide

Freestanding 8'Right Snake Starglide Slide

Starting at $6,154.95



Starting at $3,531.95
Seated Super Spinner

Seated Super Spinner

Starting at $1,677.95
Barrel Spinner

Barrel Spinner

Starting at $2,028.95
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