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ADA Playgrounds

Handicap Playgrounds and Wheelchair Accessible Play Structures

This commercial playground equipment meets the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accessible Guidelines. The ADA requires that newly constructed and altered state and local government facilities, places of public accommodation, and commercial facilities are readily accessible to, and usable by, individuals with disabilities. Play Structures are required to comply with these regulations. These guidelines require providing fun activities close to the ground and giving physically challenged children a wheelchair transfer station (a platform onto which kids using wheelchairs can transfer easily onto the playground set to enjoy the fun)

Another factor to consider when complying with ADA playground regulations is the surface underneath a playground unit. According to a recent study by the National Center on Accessibility, some surfaces may put children with disabilities particularly at risk. The benefit of having the appropriate surfacing is its ability to take a fall from the highest height and is accessible to a child or care giver that uses a mobility device. Wood chips or mulch, two common types of play area ground cover, cost less up from but will usually cost the same amount as a solid, hybrid surfacing over the 15 year life cycle of a playground.

Ground level play components are those components that are approached and exited at ground level, such as spring rockers, swings, and stand-alone climbers. The main criteria for ground level components, which must be met, is the fact that handicap access is required to at least one of each type provided in the playground unit. Not all portions of elevated structures will be accessible; access to ground level components should be used to offset this.

Complete your park furnishings plans; here are some commercial outdoor furniture suggestions:

For more information concerning ADA regulations for playgrounds, surfacing materials, or use zones, call one of our knowledgeable account managers.

ADA Playgrounds
Ages 2-5
Marooned Playground

Marooned Playground - 38 Child Capacity

Surfer Playground-

Surfer Playground - 22 Child Capacity

ADA Playgrounds
Ages 2-12
Bubbler Playground

Bubbler Playground - 44 Child Capacity

Calypso Playground

Calypso Playground - 36 Child Capacity

Discovery Playground

Discovery Playground - 38 Child Capacity

Neverland Playground

Enchanted Playground - 82 Child Capacity

Labyrinth Playground

Labyrinth Playground - 26 Child Capacity

Rambler Playground

Rambler Playground - 40 Child Capacity

Titan Playground

Titan Playground - 22 Child Capacity

Voyager Playground

Voyager Playground - 38 Child Capacity

Whirler Playground

Whirler Playground - 20 Child Capacity

ADA Playgrounds
Ages 5-12
Bullfrog Playground

Bullfrog Playground - 18 Child Capacity

Crusader Playground

Crusader Playground - 26 Child Capacity

Galileo Playground

Galileo Playground - 24 Child Capacity

Leapfrog Playground

Leapfrog Playground - 30 Child Capacity

Magellan Playground

Magellan Playground - 26 Child Capacity

Enchanted Playground

Neverland Playground - 40 Child Capacity

Safari Playground

Safari Playground - 26 Child Capacity

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