I <3 Umbrellas

Roses are red, Violets are blue
We enjoy shade and so should you!
I’m no genius but I’d have to say,
It can’t be good for us to live this way.

To some it may be obvious, to others quite a test
But if you ask us we’ll simply say, an umbrella or two would work best.
There is only one thing that will prevent this sun burn adventure,
It’s the presence of sun screen or a single column shade structure.

Since umbrellas easily block the sun’s rays
Having one at your pool us a must on sunny days.
With complete pride in our umbrellas we must insist,
Your sunbathers will look a little more like this!


Umbrella bases are critical for under the table use or as a free stand,
Surviving up to 50 mile her hour winds? Yes, they can.
While the vibrant fabrics will decorate your pool deck,
That’s not the only place to find them, just ask your department of park and rec.

Providing a strong defense against the battle of skin cancer and diseases,
Our umbrellas and shade structures can do this for all season.
So, if you’re having trouble combating the fierceness of the sun,
Call us up and place an order that will keep your guests’ skin looking young.

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