I. Fall and Winter Cleaning Guide: Umbrella and Shade

Sunbrella Fabric: Properly maintain the fabric by simply brushing off dirt before it becomes embedded in the fabric and spot cleaning stains soon after they occur.

  • Sunbrella fabrics should be cleaned while still on the umbrella frame.
  • When cleaning, it is important to adhere to the following tips:
    • Always use a mild detergent such as Woolite or Dawn.
    • Water should be cold to lukewarm.
    • Rinse thoroughly to remove all detergent residues.
    • Air dry on the frame only. Never apply heat.
  • To clean Sunbrella fabric while still on the umbrella frame.
    • Brush off loose dirt.
    • Hose down.
    • Prepare a cleaning solution of water and mild soap such as Woolite or Dawn dish washing detergent.
    • Use a soft bristle brush to clean.
    • Allow cleaning solution to soak into the fabric.
    • Rinse thoroughly until all detergent residue is removed.
    • Air dry.


  • Prepare a solution of 1/2 cup mild detergent mixed with 1/2 cup bleacher in 1 gallon of warm water.
  • Use a soft scrub brush to work the cleaning solution in to the mesh.
  • Rinse with clean water and allow to dry in the sun. Do not remove umbrella fabrics from frame.

Fiberglass and Aluminum:

  • Use a mixture of mild detergent and water. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive brushes.

Resin (applies to umbrella bases only):

  • Brush loose dust and debris from the resin umbrella bases with a stiff-bristled brush.
  • Spray with water from a garden hose. Use some pressure to remove as much dirt and debris as possible.
  • Add dish detergent to a bucket of hot water and use a nylon scrubber to scrub down the umbrella bases.
  • Finish the cleaning process with a final rinse and allow to dry before use.

Concrete (applies to umbrella bases only):

  • While concrete is, for the most part, maintenance free, dust, dirt and debris can still build up on its surface quickly if not cleaned off regularly.
  • Wipe down the umbrella bases with a damp rag to remove dirt accumulation and dust.
  • Mix warm water and mild detergent in a bucket.
  • Dip cleaning cloth into bucket and wash down the umbrella bases thoroughly.
  • Dry the bases with a soft towel.

Plastisol (applies to umbrella bases only):

  • Most normal household cleaners and/or vinyl protecting agents can be used to clean the surface.
  • Can also use a 50/50 bleach/water mixture for tougher spots.
  • A power washer can also be used for optimal results.
  • If a stain appears, wash the surface with detergent and a scrub brush, then set the product in the sun for several hours. The stain will fade away.
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