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Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Exercise Equipment for Parks and Outside Facilities

Experience a new level of physical fitness and comfort with this complete line of outdoor fitness equipment. Designed with ergonomics in mind, the ten (10) station fitness course or each individual piece is the perfect addition to any outdoor area. Warm up with the stretching post and then follow that up with leg and arm exercises on the ladders and beams.

Available signage explains the various stations and gives suggestions for physical programs and warm-up/cool-down routines. The pieces can be laid out as shown in the ten (10) station fitness course, along a pathway, or configured piece by piece to fit your area.

Choose one color for the posts and one color for the metals. All items are manufactured with an in-ground mount except for the sit-up bench.

Call our friendly account managers to help you with your outdoor fitness equipment. 877-777-3700

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Balance Board Station

Balance Board

Starting at $295.95
Balance Plank Station

Balance Plank

Starting at $242.95
Captains Chair

Captain's Chair

Starting at $2,575.95
Cardio Walker

Cardio Walker

Starting at $2,819.95
Single Chest Press

Chest Press

Starting at $3,107.95

Chin-Up Station


Starting at $611.95


Starting at $4,008.95
Hand Cycle

Hand Cycle

Starting at $3,705.95
Horizontal Chin-Up Station

Horizontal Chin-Up

Starting at $930.95
Single Lat Pull Down

Lateral Pull Down

Starting at $3,229.95

Leg Extension

Leg Extension

Starting at $2,054.95
Single Leg Press

Leg Press

Starting at $3,281.95


Starting at $1,799.95
Push-Up Station


Starting at $489.95
Recumbent Cycle

Recumbent Cycle

Starting at $3,395.95

Sit-Up / Back Extension

Sit-Up / Back Extension

Starting at $2,945.95
Upright Cycle

Upright Cycle

Starting at $3,147.95
Vertical Press (Accessible)

Vertical Press

Starting at $4,277.95
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