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DOGIPOT Pet Stations

Everyone is happy when dog owners clean up after a walk or exercise run, and our DOGIPOT pet waste stations provide everything you need to do the job right. With DOGIPOT pet waste stations, the pet owner does the cleans up. Your parks and other public areas are cleaner for all of your visitors. DOGIPOT pet waste stations are your dog pollution solution.

EASY TO USE clearly stated instructions, litter bags, and waste can - all nicely displayed and in one location. Place a DOGIPOT pet waste station at the entrance of your park. Pet owners grab a litter bag on their way in and deposit the filled bag in the waste can on their way out. Your maintenance staff easily empties the full waste can with the regular trash pick-up. It's just that easy!

Seven Super Reasons to use DOGIPOT pet waste stations:

  • It's considerate & it's the law in many areas
  • Enormously economical and practical
  • Attractive display with clear instructions
  • Easily collected with regular trash pick-up
  • Encourages pet owners to take responsibility
  • Keeps public areas clean - for all your visitors
  • Prevents the spread of disease

The demand for pet friendly apartments, hotel rooms, and exercise areas is on the rise as more people include dogs and cats as family traveling companions. Forward thinking, pet friendly property managers and hotel owners are making more money and feeling appreciated by pet owners and non-pet owners alike.

  • Increased rental rates by 10% for in demand, pet friendly apartment communities
  • Profits of pet friendly hotels soar above their competition
  • Visiting pet owners applaud management for providing clean, pet friendly parks
  • Non-pet owners rave about clean public amenities in pet friendly, progressive thinking communities
DOGIPOT Pet Station
Bag Dispenser & Enclosed Waste Container
This is the "ORIGINAL" Pet Station
DogipotAluminum Pet Station-Pet Waste Containers

Aluminum Dispenser

Aluminum Dogipot Header Pak Pet Station

Header Pack - Aluminum Dispenser

DogipotPolythene Pet Station-Pet Waste Containers

Polyethylene Dispenser

DOGIPOT Dogvalet
Bag Dispenser / Waste Container
Heavy Duty for Public Spaces
DogipotDogvalet Aluminum Bag Dispenser / Waste Container-Pet Waste Containers

Aluminum Container

DogipotDogvalet Polythene Bag Dispenser / Waste Container-Pet Waste Containers

Polyethylene Container

Bag Dispenser Only
DogipotJunior Bag Dispenser, Aluminum-Pet Waste Containers

Aluminum Dispenser

Aluminum Header Pak Dogipot Junior Bag Dispenser

Dogipot Litter Pickup Replacement Bags

DogipotJunior Bag Dispenser, Polythene-Pet Waste Containers

Polyethylene Dispenser

DogipotDogipot AluminumSingle Roll Bag Dispenser-Pet Waste Containers


DogipotDogipot Polyethylene Dispenser and Bag Set-Pet Waste Containers


DOGIPOT Litter Pickup Replacement Bags
200 OXO-Biodegradeable Bags per Roll
DogipotDOGIPOT Litter Pickup Bags-Accessories

10 Roll Case

DogipotDOGIPOT Litter Pickup Bags-Accessories

20 Roll Case

DogipotDOGIPOT Litter Pickup Bags-Accessories

30 Roll Case

DogipotDOGIPOT Litter Pickup Bags-Accessories

Buy Individual Rolls

DogipotLiner Trash Bags-Accessories

Liner Trash Bags


DOGIPOT Litter Pickup Replacement Bags
Header Pak of 100 Bags
Case Of 20 Header Paks

Dogipot Litter Pickup Replacement Bags

DOGIPOT Trash Receptacle
With Lid - 10 Gallon
Dogipot10 Gallon Trash Receptacle, Polythene-Receptacles


10 Gallon Trash Receptacle

Punched Aluminum

Dogipot10 Gallon Trash Receptacle, Steel-Receptacles

Punched Steel

12" x 18"
DogipotOff Leash Sign-Accessories

Off Leash

DogipotOn Leash Sign-Accessories

On Leash

DogipotDogipot Informational Doorhanger-

Shrink Wrapped 50 pack

DogipotReplacement Keys-Parts

2 Keys Only

DogipotReplacement Lock with 2 Keys-Parts

Lock with 2 Keys

DogipotReplacement Lid/Cover with Label and Lock-Parts

For Aluminum Dogipot Jr. Bag Dispenser

DogipotReplacement Decal-Accessories

for Aluminum Dogipot Jr. and Aluminum Dogvalet

Call For Pricing
DogipotMultipurpose Square Post, Galvanized Steel-Accessories

4 Ft Long

DogipotMultipurpose Galvanized Telescope Square Post-Accessories

Galvanized Telescopic

DogipotTelescope Post, Green Polyethylene-Accessories

Polyethylene Telescopic

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