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Dog Playgrounds

The dog playground equipment pieces you will find below will keep dogs happy, healthy and busy while visiting a community dog park. Each piece is sold individually so they can be arranged in a course or set separately and sporadically depending on the look and design of the area.

Whether you’re seeking a commercial dog playground for your dog park or a dog playground set for your backyard, our wide variety of dog playground pieces will keep your four-legged friend healthy, active, and entertained.

We offer complete dog playground sets, ranging from Small to Large configurations, or individual dog playground equipment pieces, like hoops, tunnels, climbs, run-throughs, hurdles, and more. Dog playgrounds like these are also suitable for teaching your pet new tricks.

You’ll also find dog playground accessories, like a decorative fire hydrant, dog park bench, and a dog park trash bin to tie the whole look of your dog park and dog playground together. Consider also adding a DOGIPOT pet waste station to your dog park premises so as to keep them clean and sanitary. Complete the area with a dog park water fountain so that furry visitors can also keep hydrated while playing.

Rivendale Bacon Dog Playground

Bacon Run Playground - Small Set

Rivendale Pork Chop Dog Playground

Pork Chop Hill Playground - Medium Set

Rivendale Hambone Dog Playground

Hambone Heaven Playground - Large Set

Square Grooming Table

Square Dog Grooming Table

Accessory Pad for Dog Grooming Table

Accessory Pad for Dog Grooming Table

Dog Hurdle

Dog Hurdle

Two Hoop Jump

Two Hoop Jump

Dog Shaped Three Hoop Jump

Dog Shaped Three Hoop Jump


Stepping Pads (Set of 5)

Stepping Pads

Dog Crawl Through

Dog Crawl

Leash Post

Leash Post

Dog Climb

Dog Climb

Two Hoop Jump

Dog Run Through


Dog Themed Bench

Dog Themed Bench

Dog Park Trash Receptacle

Dog Park Trash Receptacle

Playgrounds For Dogs Decorative Fire Hydrant

Playgrounds for Dogs Decorative Fire Hydrant

Bark Park Teeter Totter

Teeter Totter

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