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Dog Park Playgrounds

Dog Park Playground

A dog park is a location set aside for dogs to exercise and play in a controlled environment under the watchful eyes of their owners. It is a safe setting for both dogs and humans to interact with each other and to possibly learn more about other breeds and their behaviors. It is a great opportunity for owners to play with their pets where they otherwise might not be able to do so, such as in cities or areas with little to no yards.

The dog park equipment pieces you will find below will keep dogs happy, healthy and busy while visiting a community dog park. Each piece is sold individually so they can be arranged in a course or set separately and sporadically depending on the look and design of the area.

Deciding early on how funds will be raised for revamping or starting a dog park can make the process a bit easier. Funds can either be acquired through a local government or by private contributions. These dog playground pieces are reasonably priced, and a expert account manager is available to help you budget for any purchases.
Bark Park Dog Walk

Dog Walk

Starting at $2,543.95
Bark Park Doggie Crawl

Doggie Crawl

Starting at $1,009.95
Dog Park Fire Hydrant

Fire Hydrant

Starting at $343.95
Bark Park Hoop Jump

Hoop Jump

Starting at $559.95
Bark Park King Of The Hill

King of the Hill

Starting at $2,193.95
Bark Park Leash Post

Leash Post

Starting at $329.95
Bark Park Paws Table

Paws Table

Starting at $668.95
Bark Park Rover Jump Over

Rover Jump Over

Starting at $778.95
Bark Park Small Dog Hoop Jump

Small Dog Hoop Jump

Starting at $289.95
Bark Park Stepping Paws

Stepping Paws

Starting at $998.95
Bark Park Teeter Totter

Teeter Totter

Starting at $877.95
Bark Park Weave Posts

Weave Posts

Starting at $768.95
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