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Dog Park Equipment

Dog Park Equipment, Dog Agility Stations, and DOGIPOT

Everything you need to assemble a bark park in your community

Whether you are building a new dog park playground or just adding on to an existing one, you are sure to find some interesting agility accessories here. Available in a rainbow of assorted colors, it is easy to fit your color scheme.

DOGIPOT Pet Waste Stations provide the bags and disposal bin to encourage dog owners to pick up after their dogs. Whether you need refill bags or complete Pet Waste Stations, DOGIPOT has the solution for you.

Originally designed in Switzerland, DOGIPOT was the first to introduce the idea and equipment so that pet owners, not maintenance staff, will pick up after their pets.

Ensure your furry friends stay well hydrated while they are enjoying the dog park by adding a pet friendly drinking fountain.

ParknPool Staff Writer, Meagan Deacon, has collaborated with manufacturers, city planners, and recreational experts to provide additional advice and resources about dog park equipment for parks and communities.

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