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Preschool Playgrounds Ages 2-5

Preschool Playgrounds

Ages 2-5

Amazon Playground-

Amazon Playground - 22 Child Capacity

 Duck Duck Goose Play Center-

Duck Duck Goose Play Center - 22 Child Capacity

Explorer Playground-

Explorer Playground - 38 Child Capacity

Hide & Seek Play Center-

Hide and Seek Play Center - 8 Child Capacity

 Hot Potato Play Center-

Hot Potato Play Center - 25 Child Capacity


Marooned Playground - 38 Child Capacity

 Red Rover Play Center-

Red Rover Play Center - 20 Child Capacity

Rocketeer Playground-

Rocketeer Playground - 22 Child Capacity

 Simon Says Play Center-

Simon Says Play Center - 12 Child Capacity

Surfer Playground-

Surfer Playground - 22 Child Capacity


Playgrounds for Preschool Age Children

These colorful preschool playgrounds, specifically designed for children aged 2 to 5, are perfect for daycare, preschool or church play yards. Packed with fun, these preschool playgrounds are perfect for little ones, providing activities that stimulate social and physical development. Pair these units with the wide variety of kids picnic tables, playground benches and “critter litter” trash receptacles to complete a child’s oasis!

The larger preschool playground units specify how many landscape border timbers are needed to enclose the perimeter around the playground safety use zone (which is a minimum 6 feet in all directions from the equipment). A minimum of 9" of loose fill material should be used with the 12" high landscape border timbers.

Call and let our fun lovin' sales staff help you choose the perfect preschool playground equipment for you!

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